Not just to feed

Scents, colors, flavor, shapes and consistences = Brain Stimulation


From an experience gained in Italy for many years, increased and cured to every single detail in Dubai ...

From consultancy given by Master Chefs, manager with international experience and products supplier from all over the world ......


We are Introducing "Just Unusual", an innovative concept of kitchen which aspires to become the first true fine dining franchise


As you read of a new restaurant somewhere in Europe or in the United States, it is going to be designed and/or opened.


The methodical care in finding the best raw materials, the best preservation techniques, recipes studied in weight and almost obsessively times of cooking, home made preparations for all the bases with fresh and controlled products, allowing us to serve you the same quality and the same recipe in every of our restaurants.


Avant-garde cooking, combinations of various consistences, novelty methodical research, futuristic recipes are the base of our menus.


A particular attention to products and to various cultures, to the various flavors and some allergies, make us proud to serve vegetarian and gluten free foods of great quality.


We overlooked the vegan kitchen by choice, although some of these dishes may be found in the menu, because otherwise this type of clients would not appreciate the rest of the menu and the other clients' dishes, we guess that a true vegan would rather prefer to eat at a 100% dedicated restaurant.


In our restaurants you will find a mixture of food culture, techniques such as molecular cuisine, sous-vide, smoked, steamed, etc. to give you innovative dishes.


At the bar, as well, you can enjoy cocktails designed with a technical and/or mixing innovative ingredients.


Waiting for you......